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Why choose Ideal Protocol as your guide to transformation?

If you are in search of a knowledgeable, committed and passionately involved team that remains easily accessible…then look no further. Our clinic does not simply provide the protocol supplies and turn dieters loose on their own. Instead, it is our philosophy to provide weekly one-on-one coaching and guidance, so the net result is a true transformation. We aim to provide a modern understanding on nutrition and how it affects our shape and health. We deliver a path and tools to a healthier life and rapid weight loss is one of the many wonderful bi products. Getting lean without understanding how the excess fat accumulated, is a recipe for a lifetime of “dieting”. Losing weight without learning how to Stabilize and Maintain that transformation, sets up the classic weight regain so many of us are all too familiar with. We help our clients discover or recognize their individual circumstances that take them off the path of lean and healthy. We also develop a customized plan on how to eat after weight loss by discovering each client’s own personal “Macro Code”. We have a step-by-step and easy to follow detailed plan for a lasting dietary transformation that will deliver the desired results. Let us be your guide and partner on this journey…

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About Me

Matt Parker

Wellness Coach


Wellness Director 

Hi, I am Judy Lagana and I am the Wellness Director of our three locations at Ideal Protocol Metabolism and Weight Management. Using knowledge I gained by following Ideal Protocol, I believe I have a true understanding of exactly what our clients are experiencing. I handle most individual coaching sessions and look forward to being on this journey with you. My intent is to guide you along the way to receiving the best results and outcomes you can. I will always be here for you and will work individually with you to make sure your journey is a smooth and successful one.

As most people who experience weight issues, I have tried many programs, fad diets and exercise regiments. About 15 years ago, my Dr started coaching Ideal Protocol lifestyle in her office and I started following the plan then. Over the years since, it has always been the one thing that works consistently with me. I enjoy the fabulous energy you feel, the solid sleep, the rapid weight loss and the food is yummy!!

My background is in business and accounting, and I have enjoyed my career path of being able to help people and solve problems. I worked as a corporate manager for a large California Health chain. In that role, I opened multiple health clubs, trained the staff from top to bottom at each and handled all customer complaints from 78 clubs throughout California. During my time in the gym industry, I became a personal trainer so I would have knowledge to share when working with clients and creating personalized workouts. The gym is still one of my favorite places to hang out.

When I am not working, I love to camp in my fifth wheel, Paddle Board, spending time with my family and friends and traveling. I love cruising and exploring new places. Life is short and every day is a good day.

Teresa Klein

Wellness Coach 

Hi, I am Teresa Klein and I am a Wellness Coach here at Ideal Protocol. After I retired from my career in nursing, I started helping my sister Judy with Ideal Protocol and 2 years later have found that I love helping people to better themselves and making amazing friendships with our clients.  I have spent my whole life dedicated to the health field, and I see myself always wanting to help people.

When not helping others, I am passionate about the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping and rafting. Family is a huge part of my life and I love spending time and making memories.