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– Metabolism and Weight Management

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Achieve the Weight Loss Results You Want and Deserve

For thousands of North Americans burning extra calories is a struggle. It’s why you may begin to consider drastic solutions to get results – fad diets, pills, surgery or those weird fitness gadgets on infomercials that promise rapid results. Many of these solutions sound too good to be true…can you really have rapid weight loss results?

The Good – Stable weight loss results are possible. They can even be sensible given the right program. (click here to discover a weight loss method with over 10 years of success – Ideal Protein)

The Bad – Rapid weight loss will not lead to long term successful weight management without a balanced lifestyle education and your commitment to better well being. (Call now to unlock the secret to Ideal Protein’s post diet weight stabilization – 916-261-6352)

The Ugly – You risk regaining your lost weight if you lose muscle while dieting and don’t have the knowledge to develop better eating habits and smarter lifestyle choices after dieting (contact a Ideal Protocol Metabolism and Weight Management representative now and begin your weight management education)

Personalized Weight Loss Coaching is Only a Phone Call Away

Pick up the phone and give us a call 916-261-6352, we’ll help you to achieve your weight loss goals and teach you to live at a stable weight!

You Won’t Gain Weight By Eating a Balanced Diet…But You Won’t Lose Any Either

About Ideal Protocol

Ideal Protocol is a dedicated stand-alone, certified Ideal Protein weight loss clinic with offices in Roseville CA and Folsom CA. Our clinics are not distracted with other primary business functions and remain solely focused on the success of every one of our dieters.

Our clinic doesn’t simply provide the protocol supplies and turn dieters loose on their own. Instead, it is our philosophy to provide intensive coaching and guidance so the net result is a true transformation. We aim to provide a modern understanding on nutrition and how it affects our shape and health. We provide a path and tools to a healthier life and rapid weight loss is one of the many wonderful bi-products. Losing weight without understanding the science behind the method is a temporary victory at best. Getting lean without understanding how the excess fat accumulated is a recipe for a lifetime of “dieting”. We help our clients discover their individual circumstances that took them of the lean and healthy path.

The following services are standard at Ideal Protocol – Metabolism and Weight Management:

  • The program begins with our FREE 20 minute workshop, which explains the science behind our weight loss method and provides the first crucial step of our educational program.
  • Over 95% of people who witness our Workshop decide to start our method.
  • The next step is our Initial Consultation where the dieter comes in to get setup. This appointment includes:
    • 360 degree BEFORE photos (wear form fitting clothes for better measurements and a true account of your starting point).
    • Starting weight and Body Composition Scan on our cutting edge, industry-leading equipment.
    • Extensive training on how to follow protocol along with a proprietary folder of guiding documentation.
    • Receive 2-week Starter Kit, which includes a pre-planned 2 week menu that will alleviate the strain of planning while in the most difficult time of the dietary transition. All the required supplements and tools are also included in this Starter Kit.
    • Shopping in our store for approved ancillary products that will help with your meal preparations or products that will help you fight your sugar cravings.
  • Our clinics offer weekly one-on-one coaching sessions that include:
    • Circumferential measurements
    • Food journal reviews
    • Weekly meal planning
    • Guidance on how to handle events or social gatherings o Help with recognizing emotional hunger and bad eating habit triggers
    • Recipe suggestions
    • Digital body weight and top of the line, professional body composition scanning. Our scanner uses FDA cleared Dual Frequency bioelectric impedance for enhanced analysis and it carries FDA clearance for body fat analysis for kids age 5-17.
  • Our clinics offers more support and resources:
    • Daily text messages from your personal Wellness Coach that include motivation / inspiration, support, education, and helpful tips. Our dieters have a dedicated coach who remains a partner in their struggles and successes throughout the program and beyond. We always remain available as your partner in health.
    • Daily emailed coaching videos narrated by our Dr. Wilkinson.
    • Email announcements with any breaking Ideal Protein news including, protocol adjustments, dieting tips, recipes, new exciting foods being released, etc.
    • Virtual 24/7 support via text, email, social media, phone, and in-person.
  • Connect with us and learn more on our Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google My Business pages where there are reviews, before / after photos, educational articles and videos.
  • Pick up the phone and give us a call 916-261-6352, we’ll help you to achieve your ideal body weight and bring out your inner confidence!